Friday, June 12, 2009

Follow These Career Related People on Twitter

Twitter is becoming a great place to not only share information and post your status updates, it is becoming an amazing resource to find out about job opportunities, build relationships with companies and get industry news. Here is a list of Twitter people and companies to follow that will help your Orlando Job Search.

Employment Guide on TwitterThe Employment Guide - Find Tweets on cool blog posts, featured employers and industry news.

Online Resumes - Great resource for resume tips and tactics

Career Realism - Advice From Leading Career Experts on Twitter

Brazen Careerist - Gen-Y Career Center

Jon Hunt Org - Leading career expert helping connect people with employers and careers

JobAngels - Getting people back to work, one person at a time.

Orlando JobSpot - This is our Twitter account which posts information on new jobs to our site, recent blog posts and local career and job news!

Here are some additional Twitter resources that we found while searching the web. They may give you some great insight into using the platform as well as some other Tweeps to follow to kickstart your Twitter Job Search.

There is a lot of advice and tips for job seekers out there on using Twitter and other social media tools. The goal is to find what is relevant to you and amplify the things that are working to get yourself into a new job or career as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember to create real and meaningful relationships, that is the major focus of the medium.

On Monday, check back into the Orlando JobSpot as we look at some of the top companies locally that are using Twitter. These are companies that you can and should start building relationships with, looking for knowledge, conversation and opportunities.

Have a great weekend and happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


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