Monday, July 20, 2009

ProRezOnline at Orlando Job Fair July 28th

We are just over a week out from our next job fair to help out the Orlando community. Last week we told you about Rock The Job and they will be dropping by tomorrow for an interview on what to expect from their presentation at the event.

Today we are excited to have Jamie Gregware from ProRezOnline talking with us about their service and what job seekers can expect next Tuesday at DeVry University.

ProRezOnline at Orlando Job Fair
What is ProRezOnline and what can your service offer to local job seekers? is a company dedicated to helping people find jobs or improve the positions they currently have.

In today’s marketplace, the major difficulty job seekers face is getting their resume seen by human eyes just to be considered. Currently, hundreds of resumes are submitted for any given position and most are either overlooked, discarded or go directly into a computer database. We have created a completely unique, technology driven method to get attention for those looking for employment.

By using our fully automated service, job seekers will end up with their very own professional website, designed specifically for showcasing their resume. Additionally, since many people wish to have a few resume variations, joining ProRezOnline allows for the job seeker to save up to 7 completely independent resume webpages, each with their own web address. Every resume is packed with features certain to have their job submissions stand apart and generate impact. The ProRezOnline resumes use state of the art technologies and innovative application of the most current software. In short, we’re helping job seekers by revolutionizing the entire procedure. is putting a new face on the entire job application process.

You guys will have a presence at the job fair, what can job seekers expect from you and your team at the event?

We have one singular objective; helping the job seeker maximize all opportunities in their employment efforts. We’ll do this by offering our services (for a limited time) free of charge solely to participants of the Employment Guide event. We also will provide tips and suggestions which have been shared with us by other professionals within the industry. In return, we only ask for testimonials from those willing to provide that.

What are the basics that job seekers need to know to get started with ProRezOnline?

Job seekers will need nothing more than access to a computer. Our services are all provided online. Instructions and tutorials are also incorporated within our website so the entire process is exceptionally easy to set up, navigate and adjust or edit. A specialized user login is also provided so that the user can fully edit or deactivate any of their online resumes at any time.

How important is the Internet to job seekers and in what ways can having a presence online impact their visibility to find a job?

The Internet has become the conventional way of communication. Most vacancies are made known to the public through company websites and job boards so an Internet presence is critical. The irony is, most applicants continue to apply through the submission of paper resumes or the universal job board databases created for the masses. When 95% of jobs are posted online, it only makes sense to provide a resume online. However, that must be done effectively and professionally or the advantages will be lost. guides the applicant through the process to create the most effective content while providing a very powerful method to present it.

Thanks Jamie for taking the time to chat with us this morning and we look forward to seeing you at the Orlando Job Fair next Tuesday, July 28th. Job seekers can pre-register for the Orlando Job Fair and Employment Seminar here.

You can reach ProRezOnline at the following places:

Twitter: ProRezOnline


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