Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Your Resume Unique?

(photo by Brymo)

With so many people out of work, all vying for the same available jobs in Orlando, there is going to be plenty of people with the same credentials, same qualifications, similar experience and a similar approach to applying for those jobs.

Your resume is still the number one door opener and if your Microsoft Word, standard templated resume is repeating terms and keywords that may have buzzed you in the door a few years ago, today you are mistaken.

Liz Ryan from the San Francisco Chronicle shares this same sentiment when she wrote her column over the weekend. In her article she shares "10 Boilerplate Phrases that Kill Resumes." Liz goes on to say
One of the biggest changes is the shift in what constitutes a strong resume. Years ago, we could dig into the Resume Boilerplate grabbag and pull out a phrase to fill out a sentence or bullet point on our resume. Everybody used the same boilerplate phrases, so we knew we couldn't go wrong choosing one of them - or many - to throw into your resume.

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