Friday, September 11, 2009

45% of HR Professionals Use Social Networks to Research Job Candidates

When i opened my inbox this morning I found an interesting statistic that we have been talking to you guys about since we started this blog two and a half years ago - that HR professionals are looking into what you do online when they are looking into bringing you in for an interview and during the hiring process.

This latest data comes courtesy of eMarketer and I wanted to share some of the highlights.

How they look for you:

  • Google + Yahoo (41%)
  • Facebook (29%)
  • LinkedIn (26%)
Most of the research resulted in not bringing someone in for that position. The most common turnoffs were not surprising to me, but they are obviously still a problem.

Online Job Seekers StatsOn the flip side, and the side we will be talking about at the Orlando Job Fair and Employment Sessions on September 22nd, are the reasons to bring a candidate in for an interview or give you a leg up on competition.

Why employers hire people based on online profilesThis brings us to a quick checklist to assess your online presentation that employers may find when looking you up or sourcing for resumes.
  • Google Yourself (try it with Google, Yahoo and Bing and try adding locations, job titles and other keyphrases that an employer may use in conjunction with your name)
  • Audit all of your social networks. Even dormant ones can come back to haunt you.
  • Buy
  • Start blogging on that domain on the career and industry that you want to work in.
  • Build your personal brand to one that employers will find appealing and paint you as an asset to their company.
For more on social media, social networks and the online job process, register for the Orlando Job Fair and Employment Session where we will go in depth on how to build a great online brand and find avenues to give you a leg up on the competition while looking for a job.


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