Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orlando Pink Slip Party - Tuesday, September 8th

Pink Slip Party OrlandoEarlier today I was contacted by Omar Caiola about an unusual event that really has some promising intentions for job seekers in the Orlando area. The event is called a Pink Slip Party, and is a live networking event where job seekers, companies and media converge to talk about employment and help to build relationships that can get people jobs.

I wanted to know more about the event so I got Omar to answer some questions about the Pink Slip Party that is going down next Tuesday.

OJS: Where did the idea for the Pink Slip Party come from?
The idea has been around for a bit but it originated when people were receiving PINK SLIPS at their jobs, hence the name Pink Slip Party

Is this your first event?
It is here in Orlando, but we are based in Miami.

Can you tell us about the event, the where's, the when's and the who's?
The event will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 8 from 7-10pm at Trotter's Sports bar and Grill. We will be hosting employees and employers along with other established professionals networking under one roof.

Trotter's Sports Bar and Grill is located at:
6400 Time Square Ave
Orlando, FL, 32835

What can people looking for jobs in Orlando expect to get out of the Pink Slip Party?
They will meet many interesting people, collect many business cards and contacts, book meetings and the ultimate would be that they walk out of their with a job.

What can companies in Orlando seek to gain by coming out to the Pink Slip Party?
Much free exposure to the community and to fellow business leaders in Orlando along with a chance to sell their services.
If someone wanted to get involved, where should they go for information?
They need to call the Pinkslip Orlando Party Orlando Offices and ask for Omar at 407.459.3149.

What is your opinion of the Orlando and Central Florida job scene?
Right now it seems a bit challenging, but it doesn't mean that we should be down on ourselves. This is the time to branch out and attend events like PINKSLIP which allows you to make new contacts in a more relaxed environment.

What are some things that people looking for jobs can do to position themselves to find an opportunity that is out there?
Well like I stated in the past...attending networking events is great....Also online is an amazing way to seek new opportunities...join social websites (keep it clean and professional), start blogging, use the city resources as a tool, the is a great source as well and remember to feel good about yourself and keep your head up. This recession is a temp thing, keep a positive attitude, things will get better.

Anything else you want to add?
Again this is a FREE event and it will result in contacts for your future.

Thanks Omar for letting the community know about the Pink Slip Party happening on Tuesday, September 8th at Trotter's Bar and Grill. Please let us know how the event goes and what job seekers are talking about.

You can also follow the Orlando Pink Slip Party on Twitter.



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