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Carol Harstad - Technical Writer: Meet and Orlando Job Seeker

In the Meet an Orlando Job Seeker series, we are going to be meeting job seekers and see what is holding them back, what they are doing to look for a job and helping promote them to the companies we have the opportunity to showcase them in front of. If you are looking for a job in Orlando and wish to be profiled and promoted, please send an email to

Meet Carol Harstad, A Technical Writer from Orlando, FL

Orlando Technical Writer Carol Harstad
My name is Carol Harstad, and I am currently seeking employment in the computer industry as a programmer/analyst or technical writer. I have been looking for employment for 11 months after a mass layoff from the company I worked for.

I would have to say that I am desperate to find employment, as I only have one unemployment check left to receive, unless the Senate passes the extension bill for Unemployment compensation. During my time of unemployment, not only have I been on many job boards researching current openings, but I also finished my masters degree in software engineering management.

The biggest thing that worked for me in finding open positions, has been through contact with placement agencies, going directly to corporate websites and browsing their open positions, and via job boards. has been the best job board in my job search. The most frustrating part of my job search thus far, has been using some of the bigger job boards. Not only do they never have relevant listings, but I get mass amounts of job scams and other scams via email from so-called companies who frequent that website. Another frustrating part of my job search has been the amount of competition for the same positions.

I have been on a few interviews. They have been your basic, ordinary interviews, asking the normal questions that you'd expect. As for the interviews I have been on, I would have to say they were conducted quite efficiently.

I have used various social networking sites to spread the word that I have been seeking employment. I have used sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and many others. The problem with using these sites to network for employment, is that you really need to be connected to people other than just close friends. Close friends already know when you are seeking employment. The best thing to get the word out, is to make sure you join various groups, and broadcast your messages to the groups and hope that someone in that group might be able to connect you to another person, in need of someone with your experience.

As for improvement of the job search process, the only thing I can really say is that job boards MUST monitor the organizations that access job seekers records. They need to monitor the jobs that are actually posted on their site, and conduct a marketing campaign to get REAL employers to their sites.


Orlando employers, if you are looking for Technical Writer or Programmer / Analyst, please get in touch with Carol. She would lover to hear from you. You can reach Carol at the following online destinations:

Twitter Page: @SweetLilRedhead
Email address:


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