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Stephen Slaven - Database Administrator: Meet an Orlando Job Seeker

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And we want to learn from you! The job seekers who are working hard to land interviews, set up blogs and personal brands, rewrite your resumes and land work in Orlando, FL. In this ongoing series, we are going to be meeting job seekers and see what is holding them back, what they are doing to look for a job and helping promote them to the companies we have the opportunity to showcase them in front of. If you are looking for a job in Orlando and wish to be profiled and promoted, please send an email to

Meet Stephen Slaven

Database Administrator from Orlando, FL.

Stephen Slaven - Database AdministratorJobSpot: Occupation or job position you are actively looking for:
Stephen: Database Administrator either SQL Server or Oracle.

JobSpot: How long have you been looking for a job?
Stephen: I have been looking since Sept 2008.

JobSpot: How did you find yourself unemployed?
Stephen: I was on a contract, the contract expired and I can not get another job, perm or contract.

JobSpot: How would you describe your current situation?
Stephen: I have been on numerous interviews, and for one reason or another I have not been selected, even though I have the qualifications the employers are looking for.
I am a college grad with a BA in Computer Science. I graduated in 1985..
I am really desperate, I have considered moving back to New Jersey, but cannot sell my home.

JobSpot: What has worked for you in terms of finding available positions?
Stephen: Jobs Boards, and LinkedIn.

JobSpot: What has been the most frustrating part of the process?
Stephen: Waiting and waiting for an employer to get back to you.

JobSpot: If you have been interviewed, how were the interviews conducted and what can
employers do to make interviews more efficient?
Stephen: The employers should let the candidates know what the outcome is either yes or no and in a timely manner.

JobSpot: Describe the value you can bring to an organization?
Stephen: I have supported and maintained major databases and application and kept the systems running. I had very little downtime and I have managed a team of DBAs and developers in completing major applications for the Insurance industry.

JobSpot: Are you using any of the following to help look for jobs and/or build your
personal brand - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs?
Stephen: I just use Linkedin

JobSpot: What steps are you taking to get to your dream job?
Stephen: I am getting certifications in Linux, Oracle and SQL Server.

JobSpot: What would you like to see improved in the whole looking for a job process?
Stephen: If the employer is seriously looking to fill a position, then do it in a quick fashion and not having candidates hanging on for months.

Employers, contractors and those interested in contacting Stephen can do so at Best of luck Stephen and thanks for the information on your Orlando job search.



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