Thursday, November 19, 2009

Joe Biden Talks About New Jobs From the New Administration on the Daily Show

I was up late the other night and this clip really caught my eye. It was an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featuring Vice President Joe Biden. In this first part of the interview Joe and Jon talk about the administration's role in job creation and the new jobs coming to Americans in the form of Health Care, Energy and Education.

Watch the clip here.

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I'd love to know your feedback. Over the past half a year we have heard from Florida's Gov. Charie Crist and now Joe Biden talk about jobs in these sectors. They say the growth with come in the first quarter of new year. What do you think is happening and where do you fit in. We love learning from the people who are living the job seeking lifestyle as it helps us deliver news and information and help you out everywhere that we can.

Happy hunting Orlando!



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