Thursday, November 5, 2009

Network With Healthcare Professionals

Social Networking for Medical ProfessionalsHealth Career Web is a great resource for nurses, allied health professionals, doctors and really anyone looking to expand their career in the health care industry. Over the past 2 years the team at HCW have been talking to aspiring health care professionals, hospitals, small practices and nursing homes to get a better idea of what these skilled professionals are looking for when they network with each other.

Last week we saw the relaunch of Health Career Web as a professional networking site for these health care professionals, as well as recruiters and facilities to meet, talk and grow together. Here at the JobSpot, we wanted to give you a bird's eye view of all the cool things you can now do on the site to boost your visibility and your credibility.

Below is the first in this series of videos and is an overview of the new Health Career Web. Check it out...

If you are a nurse, doctor, physical therapist or aspiring to tackle another career opportunity in the Health Care niche, sign up for a profile today and be sure to check back with us over the next few days as we release new videos on how to search for jobs, how to create and optimize your profile, write compelling blog posts and other great tips to get the most of this medical resource.

Happy hunting Orlando.



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