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Ryan Patrick McCafferty - Orlando Business Professional - Meet and Orlando Job Seeker

In the Meet an Orlando Job Seeker series, we are going to be meeting job seekers and see what is holding them back, what they are doing to look for a job and helping promote them to the companies we have the opportunity to showcase them in front of. If you are looking for a job in Orlando and wish to be profiled and promoted, please send an email to greg.rollett@employmentguide.com.

Meet Ryan Patrick McCafferty, a recent grad looking for an entry level business position in Orlando, FL. We asked Ryan some questions about his job search and his future. Here is the interview.

Ryan Patrick McCafferty
JobSpot: How long have you been looking for a job?
Ryan: 6 months

JobSpot: How did you find yourself unemployed?
Graduated College

JobSpot: What has worked for you in terms of finding available positions?
Word of mouth, internet job searches

JobSpot: What has been the most frustrating part of the process?
Not hearing back from companies I have sent resumes to and finding more experienced people are taking entry level jobs away from college grads and the jobs that are available are commission based which don't necessarily pay the bills.

JobSpot: If you have been interviewed, how were the interviews conducted and what can employers do to make interviews more efficient?
Ryan: The interviews were professional that were in person and I've had a few phone interviews which were less formal. In terms of making the interviews more efficient the company can give an exact date and time they will get back with a candidate to inform them whether they will be chosen.

JobSpot: Describe the value you can bring to an organization?
I can bring energy, intelligence, leadership, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and an ability to work well with teams.

JobSpot: What is your dream job?
A job that I would enjoy going to everyday and that would allow me to use my talents in a way where I would be able to make a difference in other peoples lives.

JobSpot: What steps are you taking to get to that dream job?
Networking and actively searching job postings.

JobSpot: What would you like to see improved in the whole looking for a job process?
It would have been nice if there was an opportunity to have more connections working through the college as I was graduating.

What Ryan should do next?
My suggestions to Ryan and others in Ryan's shoes is to start making yourself more attractive to employers and recruiters by building an online presence. This can come in the form of a LinkedIn profile, blogging about your industry or profession and looking for networking opportunities with people in the positions you wish to be in. Job boards are great, but rarely do they have all the answers.

Another idea is to narrow his focus. Take the business angle and find specific jobs and careers that fit your dream job or ideal career. From here it will be easier to find companies that offer these types of positions and find people to network with.

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If you would like to contact Ryan about a position at your company, please reach out to him at MCCAFFERTYR@etown.edu.



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