Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sign Up To Job Alerts With Your Cell Phone

Text your way into a new jobphoto by Stephan Geyer

One thing I have been looking at as someone that spends many hours everyday looking at marketing and technology, is the growth of the mobile industry. There are now 4 web ready phones to every 1 computer on the planet.

This week I got word that YOU can now signup to receive job alerts from the EmploymentGuide.com via your mobile phone.

It's a pretty simple process:
  • Start by texting "JobAlert" to 44733 (non case sensitive)
  • You will receive a confirmation text with a link to the mobile signup page
  • You will enter your email address and your zip code (so we don't send you jobs in Alaska or something)
  • Now you can start adding industries that you would like alerts from. Choose as many that interest you and your career.
  • Scroll and click on the signup button and you are done!
Now jobs will come directly to your email as they become available on the EmploymentGuide.com.

Go ahead and check it out today.

As we move ahead with mobile technology here, I can see jobs coming directly via SMS in the near future. For those reading the print version of the Employment Guide, you should know that there are many companies now allowing you to text in your information to apply for positions.

-Greg and the Orlando Employment Guide Team


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