Friday, January 8, 2010

Create Your Own Video Blog at Orlando Job Fair

On Wednesday, January 20th at the Orlando Job Fair, we will be helping job seekers kick start their personal brand. In the second informational session we will be going over how you can use video to create a powerful personal brand. When the talk is over we want you to take action and get started in making 2010 a successful year for your professionally.

To accomplish this we will be shooting 50 videos in our Video Blog Creation Station. The first 50 job seekers to signup will have the opportunity to shoot a 45-second to 1-minute clip explaining who you are, where you are from, what you do and why that's important.

After the event, we will edit it for you and email you a link to download it and place it on your own blog, social network or video sharing site. Here is a video that explains more.

Create a Video At the Orlando Job Fair

Pre-Register for the Orlando Job Fair
At the event you will be given instructions and a script template to make this as painless as possible. Even if you have never been on a camera, this exercise will help you relax and show you the powerful impact of video.

Here is an example of how simple your video can be:

Reserve your space now as only 50 of these videos will be created at the Orlando Job Fair. Be sure to come to the presentation at 11:30 to learn why video is a great tool to build your personal brand and how it can impact your career.

Notice that we are not saying "video resumes." These videos are not to be used as a video resume but to enhance your visibility online through your personal brand.

Pre-Register for the Orlando Job Fair
To learn more about personal branding visit these resources:
See you on the 20th Orlando!


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The information will be very helpful for job hunts.

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