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Orlando Employers Speak On Interview Success

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This week on the JobSpot, we asked employers and hiring managers about their interview process - more specifically, what is the number one thing that makes a successful interview?

The answers are both what you would expect and also eye opening to hear it from the person that is responsible for hiring you and getting you those much needed paychecks every week.

Brady Keys from Alpha Airports (retail industry) looks to your past to determine your future success:

When we go into the interview process, we are looking for a detailed account of their previous work experiences. We want them to explain actual situations and examples and have the interviewee articulate on their work. We also look at the longevity of their experience.

Patrick O'Brien, General Sales Manager for the Orlando Employment Guide stated:

I look for someone who is willing to and able to learn and someone who can think outside of the box (i.e. doesn't need to be scripted, but can have an easy well thought out flowing conversation with an individual).

One of the most important things to me during the interview process is the questions they ask. I think this gives good insight into their motivations, gives good insight in how they can be consultative in an interview and gives good insight into how they work and think.

Julie from Banker's Life and Casualty

For Banker's Life, they stated first impressions with the way the interviewee dresses as the thing that can make or break an interview before it even starts. Jeans are a 100% no-no, even in their business casual environment.

Tom from Banker's Life Continued

Because our agents work on commissions:

PHD level

P - "Poor". Tired of feeling like they are underpaid or
underappreciated in jobs where they have been paid an hourly rate or

H - "Hungry". The hunger for a better quality of life. The realization
that in order to obtain higher status in lifestyle comes with higher

D- "Desire". The realization that no on owes them anything and that
they will need to commit 100% of their time and energies to learn a new
business and career that will not happen overnight and without

Aaron Smith, Vice-President at Makk Maketing Concepts stated:

As far as we are concerned, the number one thing is enthusiasm (sense of urgency, hunger, punctuality, internal motor, etc).

The Weinbach Group / Fairmount Turnberry Hospitality stated:

We look for interviewees that are friendly with good listening skills.

Ruthie Sanchez, Sales Manager for the South Florida and JacksonvilleEmployment Guide stated that her applicants need...

Energy on the first phone call. How they interact with me on the first phone call, is indicative of how they may interact with cold calls. The second thing is follow up. Depending on how you follow up with me, may also be indicative you would follow up with a potential client.

I look for good energy on the phone, they must be engaging on the phone because after all, we are telephone sales.

A hiring representative from restaurant chain Applebees wants their applicants to be themselves going on to say

That they be themselves and don’t answer the questions the way they think I want them answered.

Dylan from G2SecureStaff picked a bone with Gen-Y Interviewees

As a proud card-carrying Generation-X'er, I've noticed the new generation affectionately known as Gen-Y or Millenial all but refuse to wear proper attire (i.e. a minimum of business casual) to interviews or on their job finding quests. It's actually quite vexing and it shows a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the applicant. It does not matter how menial the job may be, an applicant in jeans and a t-shirt are an absolute deal breaker for me.

The Visiting Angels, a senior home care center, noted that their ideal candidate should also be weary of their first impressions.

Appearance, groomed for success. Positive attitude is how they put it.

So if you were taking notes or keeping score, here are some things that you need to prepare for when going in on an interview:

  • Your first impression. Dress the part and look professional even in a business casual environment.
  • Be honest and answer questions with integrity. They can see right through rehearsed, generic answers. Bring specifics, numbers and past experiences into the conversations.
  • Be yourself. People hire people and if you can show that you are a special one that can contribute to their organization, you are interviewing in the right direction.
  • Interview for the right positions. Ruthie Sanchez stated it best when she said her sales reps need to have energy and be able to close. Customer service reps should be happy and be great at listening and so on.
What are your thoughts on these tips and processes from recruiters? These are the people that have the power to bring you into an organization and by all accounts, they say matters and it matters a great deal for your future.

Happy hunting Orlando!

Remember our next job fair in Orlando is on Wednesday, April 21st at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center. More information is coming soon to the Orlando JobSpot.



George March 11, 2010 at 4:39 AM  

I sometimes have trouble determining which questions are appropriate during a first or second interview. I don't want to ask questions that look like I think I have the job. Plus I find that managers typically answer any questions that I may have...any suggestions?

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