Thursday, March 25, 2010

Orlando Health Care Jobs

Orlando Health Care jobsThis week the JobSpot had an opportunity to speak with Ryan Irwin from Hi-Tech Institute about the Orlando Health Care industry and more importantly about the jobs and careers our local community can expect to see, both currently and in the future.

JobSpot: Is the health care industry growing like the media is making it out to be and what are current graduates career forecasts looking like?

Ryan: Yes it is. With the aging population and continued specialization in health care the job opportunity is strong and it is projected to continue to be that way.

JobSpot: What things can students do, during their time on campus to improve their resume and career opportunities for the day graduation comes?

Ryan: The first thing is to focus on their education and make sure they doing well in school. Second, is to be networking and getting involved in various campus activities to show they are involved and going above and beyond.

JobSpot: What do you see as strong points for people looking to move or start a career in Central Florida Health CareOrlando and Central Florida?

Ryan: Like I mentioned before we have a growing health care industry here which provides job opportunity for graduates. It is a great place to live and if you are motivated to succeed you will find the opportunities here!

JobSpot: Thanks Ryan for answering some of our questions about the local market. With the trends that we have seen here at the Employment Guide and Health Career Web, there is much to be explored in the health care field, but as with any profession, you need to the drive, determination and work ethic, coupled with knowledge and networking to make your future a success.


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