Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who Is On The Other Side?

Do you remember "To Whom It May Concern?"
Do you still use that tag line? Why?

In a recent blog post by Ashley Campbell on Blogging 4 Jobs she stated that using this line is the Kiss of Death during your job search. More specifically:

Unfortunately, gone are the days when just anyone has a shot. It seems that if you want to even be considered for a job, you must know someone. To get an interview with a company to which you have zero personal connections is nearly unheard of.

Ashley brings up a great point. Now that social media is not a fad, but an actual business tool, for both customers and employees, there are more ways than ever to connect with a company. Not knowing who you are sending your resume to over the interwebs is a new age cardinal sin in today's market.

Look, you are up against stiff competition. Going through the motions is just not going to cut it. What makes you stand out from the pack? What extra miles did you walk on to ensure that the recruiter knew you were the right person for the job?

I was reading a blog post from Shoemoney on a competition that he won a few days back. Essentially it was a referral competition. Whoever sent over the most referrals for a new product was to win $5,000 in Apple products. Pretty cool prize.

Now, Shoemoney is a household name in Internet Marketing and has more Twitter followers and blog readers than many people can imagine. And they are loyal. When he won the contest many called it unfair, like he obviously should win because he has bigger numbers than the rest of the people that entered.

Shoemoney is not one to let this slide so he responds (warning: there is some NSFW language in the image):

What he basically said was - yea, I have more stuff going on that you guys, but I also tried really hard to win. And everyone else just went through the motions.

How Does This Relate To Your Job Search

It has everything to do with looking for a job! If you are blindly filling out online applications, crossing your fingers and hoping to get a call back, you are not doing what you need to do to find that job opportunity that will get the paychecks coming in.

  • If you are a sales professional - go and sell yourself.
  • If you want to be in marketing, start a blog, start networking and market something.
  • If you are in IT, go build something, help out a nonprofit or post an ad on Craigslist for freelance work.
Doing these things get you in front of people. Sometimes these people are the right people. Then you no longer have the "to whom it may concern" mentality. You have the abundance mentality of knowing that you did everything within your power to get that job, win that promotion or get the freelance gig.

Don't expect anything. Go out and create your own future. Get motivated. Be driven by something.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. What are you doing to get rid of the "to whom it may concern" mentality?



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