Thursday, July 1, 2010

Orlando Job Fair Coming July 21st To The Shakespeare Theater

The Orlando Employment Guide is pleased to announce the next Orlando Job Fair and Employment Session on Wednesday, July 21st at the Lowndes Shakespeare Theater in Downtown Orlando.

This is the same location as the April event and will feature over 25 hiring companies, a computer center and resume critique area as well as 2 live presentations on personal branding, social media and looking for a job online.

Looking for a job today is a full time task that includes networking, meeting people and looking for opportunities in every corner. This event allows you to meet with recruiters, career professionals, as well as other job seekers to help progress your prospects in the Orlando and Central Florida markets.

We encourage you to pre-register for the event on the official Orlando Job Fair page so that we may stay in touch and remind you of the event. And as always stay tuned to the Orlando JobSpot over the next few weeks as we unveil some tips and strategies to having a successful job fair.

Happy hunting Orlando!


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