Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Orlando Personal Brands

A strong and strategic personal brand can be one of the biggest advantages when looking for a great career in today's job market. By presenting yourself and marketing yourself like a brand you are helping to educate yourself in your niche, you attract others to your thoughts and experience and you begin to open doors of opportunity that are not available to those that wait for opportunities to come to their door.

Today, I wanted to share some top notch personal brands right here in our backyard of Orlando and Central Florida. Look at some of the things that make them great and why people in their field look up to them.

Ted Murphy

Ted Murphy - Personal Brand
Ted is the CEO of IZEA and a social media expert. His brand revolves around running his company, running marathons and talking social media. Check out his site to get a glimpse into his life. He holds nothing back and what you see is what you get, which is a major part of his success.

John Raser

John Raser - Orlando Personal BrandJohn is a professional golfer from right here in Orlando. His brand revolves around, well, golf. But he goes beyond his on the grass strategies and works with local companies, charities and even has some small acting and promotional gigs. His branding is very strong and so is the content he provides.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard - Orlando brandIf you live anywhere close to Orlando, you know Superman and the immense branding presence he brings along with him. From the billboards and tv advertisements to the Twitter account to his blog, Dwight is a shining example of a great brand and role model. And even with Lebron in Miami, I think I like my chances with this guy in the middle.

Marc Grossman

Marc Grossman - Marc It SoldA local real estate agent turned broker, Marc has created a brand for himself with his updates on the local community from events to real estate news. He is always keeping his ear to the community at networking events, hanging on social media and asking questions to further his opportunities in the market. And you gotta love the tagline - Marc it Sold!

Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton - Celebrity BrandingNick Nanton is known as the Celebrity Lawyer and has also been responsible for creating the personal brands of a great number of people just like you. Nick is a blogger for Fast Company and uses a mixture of traditional press, social media and great imagery to expand his empire.

If you take just a piece from what each of these great brands is doing here locally, you can start to develop your own personal brand. If you would like to learn more and get started with personal branding right here in Orlando, Greg Rollett will be hosting a presentation at the next Orlando Job Fair on Wednesday, July 21st at 10:15am.

Head on over to the Orlando Job Fair registration page to reserve your spot today.

Speak Your Mind!

Let us know who you think has a killer personal brand here in Orlando. Leave your submissions in the comments below or send us a Tweet - @orlandoeg.


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